Archery Warz is the Archery equivalent of Paintball and involves elements of Dodgeball and Laser Tag. We provide an inflatable battlefield and all playing equipment, including full paintball mask, real recurve bows, target spots and foam tipped ‘LARP’ safety arrows.

We operate a fully mobile service from Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth and surrounding regional areas. We can help you source a location or you can use some of the previous locations we have used around town! Some examples of ideal Archery Warz locations are tennis courts, open parks/ovals, reserves, indoor sports courts, function rooms, and convention centres.

The equipment and games are easy to use and our events are suitable for beginners to advanced archers. Throughout the course of your event we will run you through lots of fun game modes including Elimination, Team Death Match, Infection, Last Runner Standing and more.

We have equipment that caters to teenagers through adults, The impact of the arrows is less painful than paintball, but still enough of an impact to get your adrenaline flowing while playing!


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